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Our small team has built an AI-based fashion recommendation system, and our customers are sure to be very trendy. Except we’re gonna go bankrupt unless we sell something — $250k+ will be gone in a year! That’s more or less the summary of our the previous post in which I talked about finding supplier for customizable fashion startup.

Note: this scenario is hypothetical, we’re now at the brainstorming stage, considering the feasibility of bootstraping our way to the fashion industry.

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So, again I was somewhat frustrated with the lack of practical suggestions provided by ChatGPT.

Me: Come now, tell me how do I find a wholesaler that makes customizable fashion? Who should I reach out to?

CGPT: To find wholesalers that specialize in customizable fashion, you can try the following approaches:

1. Online directories: Explore online directories that connect buyers with wholesalers. Some popular platforms to consider include Alibaba, Global Sources, and TradeIndia. Use search filters to narrow down your options by product type (e.g., clothing, accessories), customization capabilities, and location. Reach out to the listed wholesalers directly through the provided contact information.

2. Trade shows and exhibitions: Attend trade shows and exhibitions that focus on fashion and apparel. These events often attract wholesalers who offer customizable products. Engage with exhibitors, inquire about their customization capabilities, and exchange contact information for further communication.

3. Industry associations and networks: Join fashion industry associations or networks that bring together professionals in the field. These organizations often provide resources and connections to wholesalers who specialize in customizable fashion. Attend industry events, participate in networking activities, and reach out to association members for recommendations.

4. Online research: Conduct targeted online research using keywords such as “wholesale customizable fashion,” “customizable clothing wholesalers,” or specific product categories you’re interested in. Explore the websites and online catalogs of wholesalers to determine if they offer customization options. Look for information about customization processes, order requirements, and contact details for inquiries.

5. Contact manufacturers: Reach out to manufacturers that produce customizable fashion items and inquire if they offer wholesale options or can direct you to their wholesale partners. Many manufacturers have established relationships with wholesalers and can provide recommendations based on your specific customization needs.

6. Networking: Leverage your personal and professional network to find wholesalers in the customizable fashion industry. Connect with fashion designers, boutique owners, or individuals working in the fashion industry who might have insights or recommendations. Attend fashion-related events, join relevant social media groups, and engage in conversations to expand your network.

7. Online platforms and marketplaces: Explore online platforms and marketplaces that cater to wholesalers and customizable products. Websites like Modalyst, Spocket, or Oberlo allow you to browse suppliers and filter by customizable options. These platforms often provide a convenient way to connect with wholesalers and streamline the ordering process.

When reaching out to wholesalers, be prepared to share details about your business, your customization requirements, and any specific products or styles you are interested in. Request information about their customization capabilities, lead times, pricing, and minimum order quantities (MOQs) to ensure they align with your business needs.

Remember that finding the right wholesaler for customizable fashion may take time and effort. Be persistent in your search, ask for samples, and evaluate the quality of their customization work before making a decision.

Me: No, please, just give me several good names. Assume I’m located in the USA, UK, central Asia or even South East Asia.

CGPT: Certainly! Here are several wholesalers that specialize in customizable fashion and have a presence in different regions:

  1. USA:

2. UK:

3. Central Asia:

4. Southeast Asia:

Please note that while these wholesalers have experience in customizable fashion, it’s essential to further research their services, customization options, and terms to ensure they align with your specific requirements and geographical location.


Wow, yeah, now we’re talking. Seems legit, but I’m not able to access some of the sites. Regardless, it may be a good starting point.

I’ve planned this to be the end of this short series of thematic writing. May extend the series a bit more — but I will look around and see if I can get hands on with the whole idea.




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